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@MIT: n/a

Absent: n/a

  • Winter meeting discussion items
    1. It is scheduled! 507 booked. Feb 22nd.
    2. Anything reps want to put on the agenda?
      1. Rachel with the budget update -- plug to apply for funding
      2. The new JP office at MIT -- hopefully Rachel will have seen it before Winter Meeting takes place
    3. ~$400 for food budget. Make sure there are utensils to scoop. Paper plates bought on own are cheaper than Buttery. Non alcoholic drinks, probably beer, table cloths for food table. Rearranging the room-- a box went well last year.
    4. Nathan leading the voice for the students
    5. APO likes to have the agenda a few days in advance. They may want to put things on the agenda too
    6. Open house update
  • Winter retreat update
    1. Sign ups closed
    2. ~25 students signed up
  • JP swag update
    1. Sent e-mail for votes on which swag
    2. Sent request for logos-- send another e-mail
    3. Old designs?
    4. We could have someone in graphics design it
  • GSC reps update
    1. E-mail sent to VP of GSC and said we thought we should get 2 reps as an independent organization
    2. WE HAVE 2 REPS!!
    3. Reevaluating in May
  • Scheduling our monthly meeting for this semester
    1. Mondays at 10am
  • Steinbach Scholar updates
    1. Leif -- 2 weeks in July picked out (July 9 - 13 or July 16 - 20), but no dates yet. Joleen will try to do the week before Kevin’s scholar
    2. July 18th-23rd Kevin’s scholar
    3. No dates yet for Dawn Wright
  • Open house update
    1. Do we need more helpers?
    2. E-mail Joleen, Rachel, and Jen (Main coordinators)
    3. Party at Julia’s house
      1. 11th-13th of March
    4. Make student center look nice